We use green products.  We look for ways to improve our lifestyle & business practices that will be more gentle on our environment.

Do your cleaning products create health problems for your pets? Switch to all green and natural products to find out.

I feel even the smallest step can add up for the environment.  See what we do below.

1. We use Bio Bags to pick up dog poop. (please throw away with your lawn and yard waste)

2. We use a vinegar peroxide mixture or turn to Bio-Pro Research  for products to clean up after pets.

3. When the choice is given we choose to buy the recycled products.  

4. If it is recyclable we recycle it.

5. We choose to drive a vehicle that produces low emissions into the atmosphere & use less gasoline. 

6. Follow the guidelines for watering our lawn.

7. We purchase 5 star appliances that use less water and electricity.


For the home, office and garden

        A)  Office Max   

        B)  Staples (recycled paper and pens)     

        C)  Clorox professional  (not in use)    

        D)  Method, Bio Green Clean or plain vinegar 

        E)  Organocide, fish emulsion, Espoma or Summit products for the garden                                  

        F)  Longer life light bulbs    

        G)  Don't throw it away... re-purpose or pass it on whenever we can.